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If I sign up with Trident Rideshare, how will my privacy be protected?

The BCDCOG takes your privacy very seriously. While you provide basic information when you

register (name, address, e‐mail, and destination) this is all hidden from potential carpool

matches. When notified of a possible match, all you see is a first name and last initial. For

example, “Based on your home and work location and hours, Steve G is a possible match.” You

can choose to generate an e‐mail through the Trident Rideshare site suggesting you meet to

decide if you want to carpool.


How about my personal safety?

We believe safety is paramount. Unless the potential carpool partner is someone you already

know from work or your neighborhood, you should always arrange for an initial meeting in a

very public place where you feel comfortable: a workplace cafeteria, a fast food restaurant. If

you take personal responsibility and use courtesy and common sense, carpool matching is very


Do I have to carpool every day? That’s between you and your carpool partner. Most people are flexible, since carpooling even a couple of days a week saves you money. So if you like to shop after work on Thursdays, or have to leave early on Monday for your son’s monthly visit to the orthodontist, just be courteous and arrange it in advance.


What if I don’t have a car? You can still sign up for Trident Rideshare, and check off under

preferences that you cannot be a driver. You may well find a match who’s going your way.